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Full Version: [CA11] Wiring a new P58 Transducer to an old ST40 Display Unit.
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Could anyone advise me whether or not it is possible to wire a P58 transom mounted transducer unit to an existing ST40 (Model Ref E22054) stand-alone bi-data display unit ? My old transducer was accidentally damaged (beyond repair) during winter storage and I recently purchased a P58 unit which looked to be an almost identical 200khz replacement. However, I have subsequently discovered that the ST40 display has 8 connectors - 5 for speed and 3 for depth (blue, black and unshielded) while the P58 cable has only 7 wires - 5 for speed but only 2 (just blue and black) for depth. The wire that is 'missing' from the P58 transducer cable wire is labelled as 0 V Shield on the wiring diagram in my ST40 owners handbook.

Thanks for any help / advice that you are able to offer.
Welcome to the Raymarine Forum gnlewis,

Please click here to view the FAQ addressing how this family of fishfinder transducers may be interfaced to the i40 Bidata instrument, i50 Tridata instrument, or iTC-5.
Thanks Chuck - your help is very much appreciated. I'll attempt the interface wiring over the coming weekend.


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