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Full Version: [CA11] A80440 RCR-SDUSB Operation with Navionics+ Chart Card
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Can the A80440 corrupt a Navionics chard card? Just installed the A80440 and was able to save Axiom screen captures to the 16GB MSD card in the A80440 while the chart card was being read by the Axiom. I used the axiom to eject the card from the A80440 then loaded a LH3 latest version .iso file on the card, then inserted the card into the A80440. The Axiom found the card automatically and the upgrade went smoothly.

After the upgrade, and restart, I used the Axiom to ejected the Navionics card from the Axiom and the .iso file card from the A80440. After inserting the navionics card into the A80440, the Axiom could not find the Navionics card in the A80440. Turns out the Navionics card index file became corrupt and could no longer be read by two other PC computers.

I was still able to read/write the .iso file card in the A80440 after the Navionics card was corrupted.

I have removed and replaced the Navionics card many times to update the charts. Is this just a very odd coincidence?
Welcome to the Raymarine Forum Dan,

Using my A80440, I attempted to duplicate the problem which you have reported and was unsuccessful in being able to do so.
I don't know if this is the same problem; but, I removed from the rear of my Axiom 12 and Axiom 7, the Raymarine supplied micro-sd cards that contains the bundled lighthouse charts and C-MAP Essentials electronic navigation charts. After the placing both cards in the remote card reader both cards are now unreadable by Axiom and pc computer.

It is recommended that the remote card reader along with the LightHouse chart card to Raymarine’s Product Repair Center to be bench checked / serviced. Within the note accompanying the equipment, please identify the model ID / serial number of the MFD which the RCR had been interfaced to. Regarding the C-Map chart card, it is recommended that the chart card be sent to [url= http://lightmarine.c-map.com/]C-Map Recreational Marine (800.424.2627)[/url] to be tested / corrected.
I was able to perform a "quick format" on the Navionics+ card then reloaded it. Navionics walked me thru the process before when I thought I had a card issue. So i'm still using the same serial numbered micrSD card. Interesting, only certain uSD readers can recognize an "unformated" card.

The repaired chart card was placed in the A80440 with the Axiom powered off. After powering on the Axiom, it read the chart card via the A80440 without problem. The Axiom was later shut down at the power switch and restarted several times over the course of a day with no further issues. The Axiom was also shut down at the panel breaker and restarted several times with all chart card operations normal as well.

I plan to boot the Axiom again with the chart card in the A80440 and use the Axiom to "Eject" the card, remove it from the A80440, then reinsert it to see if the Axiom can find/read it without powering the Axiom off, like removing a USB stick from a PC and inserting another. Will also see if it can insert/read/eject/insert/read a usb stick. Will report back when accomplished.
With Axiom powered on was able to eject the Navionics+ card, remove it from the A80440, replace it in the A80440, and the Axiom could read the chart. Several features were observed at the My Data > Import/export screen (attached).

1. When a card (navionics or card containing Axiom iso file updates) is ejected from SD1 or External SD1 using the "Eject SD card" on My Data>Import/export, the "Safe to remove SD card" pop over appears as expected. But after pressing OK on the popover, the popover disappears but occasionally returns within about 10 seconds with no user action (ejected card still in either SD1 or External SD1 slots). I pressed OK again just to be sure, as if it did not eject the first time.

2. Each time after pressing OK on the "Safe to remove SD card" popover, the "Eject SD card" indicator does not change state to grayed out, as if the card is still being read. The indicator only grays out after the card is physically removed from either SD1 or External SD1. Seems like it should gray out after acknowledging the OK on the popover.

3. Axiom crashed once during this testing and did a fast reboot (logs attached) when pressing the OK key on the "Safe to Remove SD card" popover.

PS I uploarded a.json diag file as a pdf because the forum doesn't allow .json files. Also uploaded a screen shot and the crash logs.

Thanks for the additional information. Earlier today I had duplicated and logged a problem report for the symptom reported within your most recent post.
Thanks for your attention to this issue and for your continued great support.
You're welcome.
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