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Full Version: [DG] troubleshooting wind/speed st50 instrument
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Hi Lazybones,

The i60 would be the wind display, part number E70061, the long arm transducer with cable is part number E22079, the long arm transducer on its own is R28171


Hello again.

I have ordered the E70160 display and transducer package.

1. Does it come with a cable to which I can splice in the seatalk wires or do I need to order another cable? I assume this is how it gets its power without having to provide a seperate source of power.
Hi Lazybones

Please check your part number, the i60 display and transducer is E70150, not E70160.

There is a short STng White and black cable with the i60 wind display and this can be adapted to connect to the SeaTalk system. One of the white STng spur plugs can be cut off, the insulation bared back and then the connections will be as follows

SeaTalkng Spur cable SeaTalk cable

Red Red
Yellow yellow
Black shield or bare cable
All other cores, cut back
and insulated

SeaTalk will then power the i60 and share data with the other displays

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