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Full Version: [DG] troubleshooting wind/speed st50 instrument
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I have an st 50 wind/speed instrument Z135 s#0840311.

The wind speed appears to work correctly. The wind angle will not show wind dead ahead. It will show wind from 120 port through to 120 starboard. If I hold the wind vane as if wind is dead anead I get DDW the same as if I hold it in the DDW position.

How can I detemine if this is the display or the wind vane that is failing or perhaps reprogramming?

If it needs to be replaced what part number do I order?

HI Lazybones

Thank you for your enquiry.

The masthead transducer can be tested as shown here

If it needs to be replaced then click here for more details.


I have tested as you recommended

Blue to shield remains between 4.66 nd 4.67v while the Green to shield varies between 2.6 and 3.6v.

If the green to shield is changing but the blue to shield remains constant, does this mean the transducer is bad as the wind angle has remained constant while testing.

Is there a way to test the wind/speed transducer independently?

Can you tell me which pins of the wind speed transducer are which colors so I could test sperately in the cockpit and not up at the mast head. I have a junction box and the wires all seem to test within the oaraneters you stated except that the blue to shield does not change as much as the green to shield.
more information

If the transfucer is disconnected the display unit points straight head which is expected.

If I turn the wind vane whoe at the top of the mast, port degrees, starboard 90 degrees and DDW 180 degrees appear to work. Pointing straight ahead at 0 degrees seems to be closer to DDW 180 degrees.

If I knew which of the 5 pins were which color, I could test this inside the boat from the junction box.

Q1. Perhaps going clockwise from the key you could tell me which pins are which color.

Q2. Also, is there a way to test the unit when not connected?

If in the end we must replace the transducer, ours has trapezoid like paddles, you mentioned the wind speed would be over stated by 30% with the new one.

Q3. Could we use the old paddles on the new unit to get normal readings?

If not, the. we must replace the entire unit and display.

Q4. Is there a wind vane/speed and display unit we can get that would plug into the old seatalk connections we use on our existing ST50+ instruments?

Thank you.
HI Lazybones,
Thankyou for your feedback

The pin colours are described here and should help when testing the masthead transducer. our suggestion would be to make a short test cable using a 5 pin DIN plug socket, stripped down to enable the masthead Transducer to plug in to it and then connect the other end of the cable to the back of the wind display unit.

If you replaced the masthead unit complete, the old Trapezoidal cups would not fit to the shaft of the new transducer, so the new cups would have to be used with the resultant increase in wind speed. Note that displays from St60 onwards had calibration of the wind speed, enabling the correct wind speed to be displayed.

To connect the new i60 wind display into the ST50 system, you would need to cut the 3 pin SeaTalk plug off one of the ST50 displays and connect the bare wires to the i60 cable using a junction box, (Red to Red, Yellow to Yellow and Bare/ shield to Black)

Thnk you for your prompt reply.

1. since the ST 50+ instruments I am using are currently daisy chained, in one out to the next, etc, then i assume it is ok to just splice in to one of those cables using a small function box?

2. Which model system then would younrecommend if I replace the tranducer and the display, the i60?
Hi Lazybones,

Yes, you can simply splice into the existing SeaTalk cables with a decent quality junction box and connector.

We would recommend the i60 display and masthead Tx as a replacement.

Kind regards
Thank you for the information. It looks as though I need a new system if I want to also have accurate wind speed and not deal with overspeed. by just replacing the transducer.

Can you please tell me which part number/package number I should order that includes the display and the wind/speed transducer that will plug into my existing 5 pin socket which also has a key way.

It looks like the i60 would work but I want to be sufe about ordering/getting both the display and tranducer with wind and speed at the same time.

I assume I can use the existing mount at the top of the mast which has new wiring.

thank you,

Forgot to mention that I am currently using a long arm wind/speed transducer nd would appreciate the proper part number for ordeing the display with the long arm wind/speed transducer if such a thing exists.



(07-04-18 08:19 AM)Derek - Raymarine - Moderator Wrote: [ -> ]Hi Lazybones,

Yes, you can simply splice into the existing SeaTalk cables with a decent quality junction box and connector.

We would recommend the i60 display and masthead Tx as a replacement.

Kind regards
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