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Full Version: [DG] Wind direction issue
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Issue is intermittent wind and no direction.

Products are i70s , itc-5, i60 wind transducer.

Power at terminal for wind with nothing plugged in is 8.0 v. When I plug the wind transducer in the power drops to 4.85 v.

Blue 1.8 v
Green 2.04 v
Yellow 0.4 to 3.8

Why is power dropping once I plug in the transducer? I get 8.0 v on the depth, water temp. I even tried plugging in the power for wind to the depth power and it reads 4.85 v.

Any help appreciated.
Hi Svbelle

Thank you for your enquiry,

There is an issue with either the mast cable or the masthead transducer itself. If there is a junction box at the base of the mast, check the voltages there too, if they are the same then the masthead Tx will need to be retrieved and tested independantly

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