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Full Version: [CA11] EV1 sensor core mount defect
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recently installed an EV 200 AP Sail system and found that the mounting design for the EV1 sensor core was very frustrating. The top part is supposed to 'clip' off and on the lower unit, which would then hold the sensor core nestled in place. It was supposed to 'clip' together, or apart, but the small plastic tabs molded into the plastic unit are inflexible and make it impossible to 'clip' in. The design on the unit i have also does not allow it to 'rotate' into place. 3 of the 4 small tabs broke off in the process of trying to mate the upper and lower pieces together. Has no one else encountered this issue? I see no threads mentioning this?
Doug Nicholson
Seattle Wa
Welcome to the Raymarine Forum Doug,

Please note that up to 9 degrees of compass alignment error may be adjusted through the Evolution autopilot's control head. Therefore, it should only be necessary to remove the Mounting trim if the EV-1/EV-2 has been installed more than 9 degrees from parallel with the longitudinal axis of the vessel.

Unlike the early production EV-1 CCU mounting brackets, the current design is not intended to snap together. Per the Chapter 5.1 EV-1 Installation of the Evolution EV-1 and ACU installation instructions, when installing the Mounting trim to the base, the Mounting trim over the units lightly offset, and then twist the Mounting trim clockwise until it locks into position. Accordingly when removing the Mounting trim (see the note above), one should rotate the Mounting trim slightly counter clockwise to the unlocked position and then lift the Mounting trim from the base. Please note that it may be necessary to loosen or remover the fasteners from the base to permit the Mounting trim to rotate freelly past the bulkhead to which the base has been mounted. Attempting to lift/pry the Mounting trim from the base prior to having rotated the Mounting Trim into the unlocked position may result in the breakage reported.

The part number for the EV-1 CCU mounting bracket is A80437. Please click here to view a FAQ addressing may one may purchase/order parts for Raymarine products.
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