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Full Version: [DG] Replacement ST 60+ Tri Data Speed sensing housing
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I have a 2006 ST60+Tridata installation on my Leopard 43. When we first got the boat the speed sensor worked fine. When I got the boat back from Moorings in 2016 it didn't, it registered very low, never going above 4.5 kts. I tested the sender in a different location and it works fine. When the boat was out of the water, I could see the spinning wheel clearly and it appeared to be in the clear. Here is the bad part; while trying to extend the penetration of the spinning wheel further, I cracked the housing and now, at the very least, need a new sensor housing.
I am also completely puzzled as to why the speed function stopped reporting, there is a small chance Moorings added thickness to to the sensor area but as I said, it appears to protrude nicely from the hull. It is, and always has been, about 12" in front of the keel slightly offset.
Any thoughts on:
1. Where I can get a housing?
2. What my problem is?
3. Would the new, sensors work better/differently from the existing?

As always, thanks for the advice

Hi mmichaelbrown

Thank you for your enquiry

There are several reasons the speed may be underreading, the cause could be mechanical, electrical or due to interference.

If mechanical, then it could be a worn shaft or paddlewheel impeller bearings - the paddlewheel may spin freely when spun by hand or blown, but in water could have higher friction and not spin so easily. So we suggest replace the paddlewheel and shaft, the service kit and replacement housing can be sourced at this link

If electrical, the transducer could be faulty and can be tested here . Alternatively, there could be an incorrect speed calibration factor used and this can be checked in the instrument calibration.

If interference, this could be caused by the transducer cable being coiled near other cables or sources of high signal amplitude or cables carrying high current possibly.



Thank you for the reply. I didn't see your reply and assumed it hadn't been posted because I was in the wrong part of the forum. So I posted again in instruments - my apologies.
When I held the transducer in the water at a different location, I got a good speed indication, so I don't think its the transducer or the instrument.
Do you know where I can get a new transducer housing?

Thank you

Hi mmichaelbrown

The Speed Transducer housing can be ordered direct from GEMCO in the US see this link here and from Airmar Europe in the EU area, see this link here

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