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Full Version: [DG] Raymarine SPX-5R
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Hello I am looking for a service repair for raymarine spx-5 sport

My question is why the sport pilot turns so hard! After steuerboard he turns slightly backboard heavy with an extreme squeak.

I have already opened it to solve the problem myself

Is it the spring in the middle or the engine?

Or does it have to be like that?

Have in addition a baystar steering ...

I hope you can help me

Kind regards
Hi Straw hat

Thank you for your enquiry.

The Sportdrive has a unique clutch mechanism which allows the user to overide the drive unit by simply turning the wheel. This is enabled by the spring inside the clutch which is wrapped around the drum of the clutch.

At the end of the spring are two small lugs which are bent over and these control the tension of the spring around the drum. What is likely to have happened is one of these lugs has been deformed and so the spring is not releasing as much as it should when steering by hand and this is causing the stiffer steering by hand.

if the spring is damaged, then it will need to be replaced in our service workshops


So I almost thought so

That it is up to the feather!

In itself, the pen looks totally alright

But they will have had the problem more often

I would be interested if you could not buy the spring as spare parts?

About the German service I have already requested but since the cost is about 600 € which is too expensive for me.

Since you already get a nice hydraulic pump

Or maybe an alternative?

Kind regards
Hi Straw hat

Thankyou for the feedback,

The parts are only available in our service workshop - so the drive must be returned to our workshop where the repair can be fully tested to make sure the problem is solved. The spring is most likely the cause, but there may be other parts damaged too which need to be checked.

The alternative is to replace the steering with a hydraulic steering system and then fit a hydraulic Autopilot to the hydraulic system, this is a very neat and tidy installation.
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