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Full Version: [DG11] Problem With navionics on Axiom pro
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I have The following problem

I have Axiom Pro 9 with navionic charts

I have a iphone and ipad with Navionic charts

I want to make update with out to remove the Sd card the charts via the divice online not posible.! And via the mobile i try to sync the start update procees and when finish is not update in the settings on axiom pro.

and also when i sync no any markers that already exist is installed.
Hi Alpinos

Thankyou for your enquiry.

I will escalate this to our engineering team for investigation and we will update you, we have not had this issue reported before.
Thank you
Dear Sir,
We have forwarded this issue to Navionics since we cannot replicate the problem a our office here, please can you confirm you are using your 'phone as a hotspot to enable the data download?



Please can you let me know the code number and the serial number that starts IT…. Which will be on the SD adaptor?

Dear Sir,

I have received an update from our chart supplier Navionics, who advise that - based on your screenshots, you have downloaded properly chart data from Mobile to Plotter even if mobile picture shown download in progress page (“Updating charts”).

we demonstrate an example here . . .
After PlotterSync the area of data downloaded from Mobile to Plotter is highlighted as shown below where it was transfer from Mobile to Plotter an area of Tyrrenian sea.
The fact that all the transfer went fine is provided at mobile side with a page of data transferred result (“Charts updated”). see attachment 1

On the Plotter, you can see a blink at the end of data transfer and the same updated area is highlighted on mobile and on plotter. see attachment 2 and 3

The information shown in the Limitations of Use or settings page are related to Plug&Play data. In this case the 33P+. see attachment 4 and 5

Navionics have also advised that they will expand the explanation of this sync process better on their website. Our recomendation is always to remove the chart card from the MFD and insert into a PC and access the Navionics website direct in cases where partial updates are insufficient.

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