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Full Version: [DG] ST4000+ Wheel Pilot Actuator
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When the clutch is engaged, it pops out occasionally. When the clutch is not engaged, the steering catches on something inside the Wheel Pilot Actuator, when the wheel is turned. The Fluxgate Compass and the Control Head are good.

When I spoke with a Raymarine technician, he said to send it in, but the forum shows that it is no longer serviced. I thought I'd check with you, first before sending it.

If it is not serviceable by Raymarine, is there a service bulletin available that can show me how to disassemble the actuator?
Hi Alan Sails Thirsty

Thank you for your enquiry.

the ST4000 mk1 wheel drive is no longer supported, and we have no service information such as you describe. However, I can cover the information that you need.

The likely reason for the clutch popping out is that the roller inside on the clutch lever eccentric is stiff or seized. Alternatively the roll pins in the clutch lever may have broken and allowed the clutch lever to move on it's shaft and so does not lock in the fully engaged position.

The roller can be freed off and the assembly VERY LIGHTLY greased, do not get grease onto the belt or the belt surfaces. If the roll pins in the clutch lever are broken, these can be replaced and operation of the clutch lever restored.

Access tot he rollers is quite straightforward, the drive unit is opened up by gently easing the two halves of the drive ring apart with your fingers, this will reveal the main rollers which press fit into a groove in the front ring and hold the two halves together. You will now see the belt and the support plate covering the eccentric roller and the clutch lever roller. Removing the plate will expose the rollers and they can then be cleaned and lubricated. Reassembly is a reversal of the above.

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