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Full Version: [CA11] Lost of course
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Hello. I have a Smart Pilot X-5 and when is in AUTO its change the course always to port side and in 2 minuters its lost the way.

I made the seatrial and recalibrate the compass but the problem persists.

What can I do.?
Thank you very much.
Welcome to the Raymarine Forum Marcel,

It is recommended that troubleshooting begin by examining that location of the fluxgate compass to ensure that there of no ferrous or magnetic objects within 3' of the fluxgate compass. If not, then it would be recommended that the fluxgate compass be tested to ensure that the resistances are as specified within the FAQ found here and that when the vessel rotates through 360 degrees that the reported values continuously change in accordance with the vessel's turn rate with no pausing (the latter would indicate that the fluxgate compass is binding internally and should be replaced). It is additionally recommended that the rudder reference transducer be tested and that it be ensured that the rudder bar displayed on the autopilot's control head shows corresponding rudder movement in the direction that the rudder has been moved. Should no issues be found with the fluxgate compass, then the autopilot should be calibrated and maximum deviation determined from the autopilot's diagnostics. If the maximum deviation specified within the autopilot's diagnostics is greater than 9 degrees, then magnetic flux at the current location of the fluxgate compass is too great. Should the maximum deviation be 9 degrees or less and should the problem persist, then it would be recommended that the autopilot course computer as well as the fluxgate compass be sent to Raymarine’s Product Repair Center to be bench checked / serviced.
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