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Full Version: SeatTalk 1 to SeaTalk ng Converter LED Light will not Illuminate after Upgrading
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Completed an software update for the Sea Talk One to Sea Talk ng Converter to V.201 via a Classic E-80 MFD. After updating the LED light on the Sea Talk ng is not illuminated and will not communicate with attached instruments. Sea Talk ng converter operated properly prior to software update.

I tried numerous isolation tests but the LED light will not illuminate and the attached instruments (I-50 depth display and Smart Controller (S-100)) are now failing to operate. I tried to reinstall the software update (v.201) but the SeaTalkng Converter is not found during the upgrade process.

What could be the problem with the Sea Talk ng Converter and is a solution available?

Connected to the converter are:
- Blue: Blue/black cable to a 5 way Sea Talk Connector
- White; connected to a !-50
- Yellow: connected to the Smart Controller (S-100)
- White: Connected to an Classic E-80 MFD
- Blue: Terminated with termination plug

The I-50 display is connected to a P-70R display. The P70R powers on, communicates with the E-80 MFD and EV-100. Unclear why the P70R will power on but not the I-50 or Smart Controller.

Appreciate the assistance.

Welcome to the Raymarine Forum Keith,

It is quite possible that the SeaTalk to SeaTalkng Converter is not receiving power from the backbone. As such, it is recommended to that the backbone cable connecting the 5-Way Connector to the ST-STng Converter be disconnected and re-seated in the 5-Way Connector. The ST-STng Converter end of the Backbone Cable should then be tested for power using the information found here. If power is present, then the backbone cable should be connected to the ST-STng Converter and the locking collars of the 5-Way Connector and ST-STng Converter be rotated into the locked position to lock the backbone cable in place. Should the problem persist thereafter, then it would be recommended that the ST-STng Converter be sent to Raymarine’s Product Repair Center to be bench tested/serviced.

Many thanks for the detailed response. Will follow recommended actions to verify power from the backbone and/or seating of the cable is the problem.

You're welcome.
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