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Full Version: [CA11] Airmar b164 and RV-100 on Axiom 7
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Good afternoon,

I am trying to install an Airmar b164 (already installed in the boat but not being utilized) transducer to an Raymarine Axiom 7 with an RV-100. Is the correct Y-cable the A80491? Also- would all the functionality from both transducers be maintained with this setup? The reason I want the Airmar b164 installed is to get the readings in deeper water. The RV-100 usually stops reading after I get to over 600 feet. I have a DSM300 also, but from what I have read, this cannot be used with the Axiom.

Any help would be appreciated
Welcome to the Raymarine Forum hstechfl,

Was the B164 previously used with the DSM300? Was the B164's cable terminated with a plug which permitted it to be directly (no adaptation) to the DSM300's Transducer socket?
Hi Chuck- yes the b164 was plugged into the DSM300 direct, which was then plugged into a seatalk hs hub. I'm still using the seatalk hub to utilize an old redone ( which is working on the axiom).

The A80492 Adaptor Cable would be used to simultaneously interface a RealVision and a DSM250/DSM30/DSM300/CP300/CP370 style transducer to an AXIOM RV MFD.
Thanks Chuck! If I install this setup- the MFD will stop reading sonar from the RV-100 and only the b164 correct? The RV-100 will only display downvision and realvision 3D as I understand..

Q. If I install this setup- the MFD will stop reading sonar from the RV-100 and only the b164 correct? The RV-100 will only display downvision and realvision 3D as I understand.
A. Partially correct. The resulting system would support 600W 50kHz sounder imaging, 600W 200kHz sounder imaging, RealVision 3D sonar imaging, SideVision Sonar imaging, and DownVision sonar imaging.
Hi Chuck,

Just following up with this. I installed the correct cable, but the unit keeps crashing and rebooting. It seems to only do it when I have both transducers plugged in. It does NOT do it when I have ONLY the b164 plugged in. But if I plug the RV-100 in, it crashes. It also will not see the RV-100 when it is the only one installed (on the adapter cable)- without the b164.

I got it to work one time when I installed the b164 only and and set it up in the settings. I then rebooted with the RV-100 plugged in and everything worked. But shortly after when I restarted again- it crashed.

Is there an additional setting I need to configure? Any help would be appreciated.


As earlier LightHouse 3 software featured stability issues when using multiple sonar sources, such stability issues may be indicative of operating the MFD with a software version earlier than LightHouse 3 v3.5.40. If operating with an earlier version of software, then it would be recommended that the MFDs software be updated accordingly and that the system then be tested again.
Hi Chuck,

I had been up and running with the equipment described previously in this thread- until I updated my Axiom 7 to the latest software on Monday. I now cannot connect to the b164 and it does not even come up as an option to manually select. I tried to factory reset which did not work. Is there a compatibility issue with the latest software update? Thanks

When using a Y-Cable which is designed to support simultaneous use of a RealVision transducer along with a compatible 50kHz/200kHz transducer, both transducers must be connected to the Y-Cable at all times. Should only one of these transducers be interfaced to the Y-Cable, then it will not be detected by the system.

Please note that the B164 transducer is produced in a number of variants, each designed to meet the specific specifications of a manufacturer and/or fishfinder ... including Raymarine fishfinding products. It is possible that the transducer's ID is not being communicated to the Axiom RV MFD. Please respond with a photo of the transducer's identification tag which clearly shows all information printed on that tag in order that we may positively identify the model of Airmar B164 transducer.
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