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Full Version: ST6001 Smart Pilot Blows Breaker
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Is the most likely cause the the drive unit? Other possibilities? Thank you.
Hello WWMS,

Of course the drive is the bit that draws the most current in normal use, but we can't rule out a fault in some other component. A simple way to confirm would be to disconnect the drive from the course computer and try again; if the breaker still trips, of course the drive isn't the cause.

For us to give you a more detailed response, we'd really need to know what the other components of the pilot system are (what drive unit model, course computer model) and what the rating of the breaker is. I assume the breaker that's tripping is the one on the course computer's supply, not Seatalk supply or somewhere else?

If in doubt, I'd get your nearest Raymarine-approved technical dealer to have a look.

Troubleshooting update. The course computer is a Smart Pilot S2. The controller is a Auto helm ST6001. Disconnected all accessories one at a time at the computer then replaced, drive, feedback, compass, seatalk etc. The main breaker still tripped with each disconnected item and a buzzing sound was heard at the computer each time till the breaker tripped So the computer is suspect. Is further testing required? What would be in the computer that buzzes, transformer maybe? Do we send it in for repair or replace it? Thank you.
Generally speaking, Course Computers aren't really repairable. There are a few specific, known problems where there's a particular component that causes characteristic symptoms that are exceptions, but if the root cause isn't known or where there's a short or near-short as in this case, then usually:
[*]diagnosing the problem can take a lot of time, perhaps more labour time than is economic
[*]very often, other components will be damaged/stressed around the failed one, making a repaired board unreliable in the future
[*]small surface-mount components and conformally-coated boards can make repairs physically difficult in some cases
[*]on older products, components may be discontinued or non-ROHS-compliant and hard or impossible to find

I'd look for a T150, T150G, S2, S2G, T400, T400G, S3 or S3G course computer (T150 is the same hardware as S2, just an earlier model name, the G-versions are the improved model with Rate Gyro, T400/T400G/S3/S3G are the next model up that are a drop-in replacement for the T150/S2) second-hand, or look to upgrade to a new pilot system. If you're looking to upgrade you'd need to replace all of the electronic components of the pilot but would not need to replace the drive unit or rudder-position sensor if they were working well.

Thank You Tom. Have a great day.
You're welcome.
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