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Full Version: Axiom 7 interface with rs150 external antenna
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Where can I find a schematic which details the proper connection of the RS150 and the Axiom 7
Hello LouS,

There's no specific schematic that shows how these devices connect, as they're both standard NMEA2000 products (SeatalkNG is NMEA2000 with Raymarine's improved colour-coded connectors.) Axiom uses the NMEA2000-standard Devicenet connector rather than SeatalkNG so you'll need a SeatalkNG-Devicenet adaptor cable (parts A06045 or A06075, 400mm or 1m), but other than that the network will need to follow the rules described in the SeatalkNG Reference guide which you can find at https://raymarine.app.box.com/s/2ulwt6ye...1787214721 (Raymarine.com > Support > Manuals and documents > Networking Documents > STNG cables and accessories), also attached here.

If you have no other NMEA2000/STNG devices then a SeatalkNG starter kit, part T70134, will be easiest: that provides a 5-way connector block, two network terminators and a power supply cable.

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