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Full Version: ST60 Erroneous Speed Indication
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When the boat was delivered (Leopard 43) boat speed worked perfectly. Moorings never maintained this function so when I took delivery it was not working, I assumed it was fouled. Not so, transducer gives correct speed when hand held in water (different location), at the location where it has always been indicates max 4.5 kts.
Two questions:
1. How far should the paddle wheel protrude from the hull (small chance transducer was "re-attached")
2. My transducer housing is cracked, where can I get just the housing?

Thank you

Michael Brown
Hello mmichaelbrown,

The flat face of the transducer insert should be flush with the bottom of the transducer housing when properly inserted, so that the tips of the paddle-wheel blades project around 10mm. Sometimes we get situations where the transducer isn't engaged with the key-way in the housing so it doesn't go all the way down, which will cause eddying and under-reading speed.

If your transducer is the standard plastic through-hull low-profile, part E26031 (on the white plasticised label at the transducer end of the cable), then part number D241 is a replacement housing. You can get this through any Raymarine dealer.

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