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Full Version: [DG] Upgrading from Lighthouse to Lighthouse 2 and 3
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I just got my new (to me) boat that has an e97 MFD, the start up the screen displays "Lighthouse" no I or II or III ... when I check the to see what software version it is running ... it says it is release 18. Does that mean that it still can and should be upgraded to Lighthouse III(3) ?

If it ineeds to be upgraded do I need to upgrade to Lighthouse 2 first and them Lighthouse 3?

Thank you
Hi george2064

Thank you for your enquiry.

The e97MFD can only operate Lighthouse 2 software, they cannot be updated to Lighthouse 3, their processor simply will not be able to manage the graphics, rather like running Windows10 on a 286 PC.

The version 18 that you refer to is the penultimate software release used on Lighthouse 2 units, the current version 19.03 is freely available - with instructions, on our website.

The version 19.03 can be downloaded from here

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