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Full Version: P70/ EV1 heading sensor & ACU update
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Good Afternoon,
P70/ EV1 heading sensor & ACU
I am looking to see if there is another method to update the above units to the latest software version without going through an outdated mfd? I am stuck with a C120 Classic which affords me with no option to update my A/P according to the directions. If there is a workaround for this I would be very happy ;)
Sorry Chris, it's not possible to update those pilot components from a C-Classic because it has no support for STNG (it has a minimally-functional, very early NMEA2000-ish 'Seatalk2' port, but no software support for upgrading SeatalkNG products.)

I think you'll need to beg/borrow/steal a newer display or ask your local Raymarine technical dealer to do the upgrade for you.

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