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Full Version: [DG] connecting a S100 Remote to Seatalkng network
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I installed a new EV-200 autopilot system that is connected to my seatalkng network. This is working fine, however, when I connected my S100 autopilot remote to my seatalkng network using a NMEA 0183 VHF to the SeaTalkng network converter kit I started having trouble.

The signal never gets over 3 bars and the connection cuts in and out giving me NO PILOT or No Link errors on the remote creating a less than safe situation.

Can you connect the NMEA 0183 VHF to the SeaTalkng network converter kit to a S100 remote or is it strictly for VHF radios? Have I made a bad assumption that it's the same as the SeaTalk to SeaTalkng converter?
Hi JHulmer,
Thankyou for your enquiry.

We would always recommend using the correct converter part for this conversion between SeaTalk from the base station and STng. However, NO LINK or NO PILOT suggests that the base station is struggling to link to the EV pilot, maybe a faulty base station or maybe issues with the network. Is SeaTalk powered separately from STng?

How is the Remote base station powered, could the converter be getting power from both STng and from SeaTalk? the converter should ONLY be powered from STng and so cut and insulate the Red SeaTalk wire.

Otherwise, send the base station and remote to our workshop for investigation

thanks Derek for this reply.

The Seatalkng network is powered directly from the panel buss and no where else.

That said I connected the red wire from the converter to the base station red terminal, the yellow (data) wire to the yellow terminal and the shield (bare) wire to the gray (middle) terminal.

Do I understand you correctly? You are saying I should disconnect the red wire from the base station on the S100 remote base station?
Hi Jim,

Thanks for the feedback, yes, can you disconnect the red wire between the converter and the base station? This will ensure the converter is only powered from the STng bus and generally resolves this type of issue.

If this still does not resolve the issue, then I would start to suspect the base station, especially if this fault still occurs even when the remote control is right next to the base station.

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