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Full Version: Connection I-60 to VDR/ECDIS NMEA0183
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Hello dears

I have a job to perform on a vessel which was installed a i60 Wind Instrument.
After the installation some equipments which are connected on the i60 are missing the wind sensor signal (e.g. VDR/ECDIS). These equipments receive only NMEA 0183 signals.
It was found on board also the NGW 1 Actisense adaptor to NMEA 0183 installed but the equipments still missing the signal of wind.
I put in attached the installation that i found on board.
Can you help me with that ?
It is necessary to install/configure something else to work ?

Thanks in advance,

Hello Anderson,

It sounds to me as if you really need Actisense support rather than Raymarine, but what I would be doing in your case is:
- seeing if there's another device on the NMEA2000/SeatalkNG network that can repeat Wind data, in order to make sure the wind display is successfully sending data around that network
- using a USB-serial interface and some software on my PC such as TeraTerm to check what data is coming out from the NGW-1, and whether this contains wind messages or not.
- checking that the equipment you're connecting to, and the NGW-1, both talk modern RS422-style differential NMEA0183 signalling, or old-style single-ended RS232-style signalling, not a mixture. I would think that VDR/ECDIS will require differential (probably IEC61162 rather than NMEA0183, really.) If in doubt, check with an oscilloscope.

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