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Full Version: S100 remote has only 2' reception range
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Hi, I have an S100 remote that has worked perfectly for 4 years on two different boats, but this year its reception has suddenly dropped to about 3 feet. It used to work over 30' away from the transmitter. New AAA batteries in the handheld device did not solve the problem. I'd like to have it professionally diagnosed and (hopefully) repaired, but don't know where to start. Do local dealers do this? Should I send it in to Raymarine? Please advise.

FYI, my boat is in Rock Hall, MD and I live near Philadelphia, all in the US. If a dealer can do this, it would be best to take it to a place near those locations.


The parts aren't repairable (economically/feasibly), but it might be that you don't have a fault but something on the boat emitting wireless interference, that's surprisingly common (LED light drivers are a particular culprit.)

If you can, try powering them off an independent battery with the boat's batteries isolated or away from the boat. If no improvement, one or other is probably faulty (a good dealer or your local Raymarine service centre can test to see which it is and replace just that part.) If the performance improves when the boat systems aren't nearby/powered then it's a noise problem, in which case it's a process of elimination to find out the source. Some good technical dealers have RF test gear that can identify such noise problems.

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