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Full Version: [DG] Autopilot Upgrade
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I have an Autopilot S3G AST and I just purchased all the P70r and other Seatalk to Seatalk ng upgrade kit, I have also an ITC 5 with new I70 displays,
1. can I upgrade the Fluxgate to an evolution and still stay with the S3G AST controller,
2, should I connect the Fluxgate to the ITC 5 instead of the S3G controller
3. I have an E-120 multi function display, can I upgrade to the new digital radar and still use the E-120?
4. what is ray marine recommendation for the Autopilot upgrade
Hi oricohen

Thank you for your enquiry.

If you want to upgrade the Fluxgate Compass to an EV1 sensor, then you will have to change the S3G to an ACU400, the EV1 cannot be used with an S3G computer.

When using a fluxgate compass with an S3G Autopilot, the compass sensor must always be connected directly to the S3G computer unit.

The E120 Classic style display, can be connected to a HD Digital radome, but cannot be connected to the new Quantum radomes.

Our suggestion would be to upgrade to the EV1 sensor, ACU400 and check the drive is still in good condition, or consider returning it to our workshops for full service

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