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Full Version: [TG11] Axiom 9 size of boat image for 3d
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I have a Axiom 9 with real vision. I just updated the software to 3.5.
When I choose 3d in sonar - the image if the boat is very large compared to the software version 3.4. The boat size is so large that it covers most of the grid. Is there any way to reduce the size of the boat?

Can you send a picture of what you're seeing? I haven't noticed any size change in my bench-test system, and certainly it's small/normal in my pre-release test LH3.6 test rig (Axiom 7) and my colleague's LH3.5 system (Axiom12).

Will get one this weekend.
Ok, I'll look out next week.
When I went to get screenshot - the boat size was large - changed screens to down vision then to sonar then back to 3D and boat size was correct. I exited sonar went to chart then back to sonar and it appears to be fixed. Possibly the shutdown and restart fixed it. Will let you know if I encounter the problem again. Thanks.
No problem, good to hear that it's fixed.
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