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Full Version: RD424D - a97 No data source
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A recently installed RD424D stopped communicating with an a97 MFD. The cable was checked for continuity and 12 volts was verified at the radar end of the cable. The radome was removed and bench tested by a certified Raymarine dealer using a new cable and an a series MFD with the same result of "No Data Source" in the radar application. The radome was shipped to the Raymarine Repair Center where it was bench tested and found to be fully functional. Upon reinstallation of the radome, it was found to be now communicating with the same a97 MFD on two separate occasions. Now the same problem has occurred again. The a97 software version is 16.47 and the RD424D software is version 1.04. Both a97 and radome operate off the same switched power source. Is there the possibility of a communications timeout occurring if the MFD is not turned on soon enough to recognize the radome?
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The order in which equipment is powered ON should not have an effect upon communications between the MFD and radome or open array pedestal. Please click here to view a FAQ addressing this subject.
Thanks Chuck. I'll connect the radome to a separate breaker that can be switched on and off. Open circuit voltage at the radome was around 13 volts, but I will recheck.
You're welcome.
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