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Full Version: [CA11] Axiom9 split screen (fishfinder/chart) issue
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My axiom9 recently stopped showing the chart when in split screen mode. The chart page by itself works fine. Fishfinder works fine. But when I go to split screen, the chart half of the screen is just white.



What models of Axiom MFDs are owned? What version of software is running within the MFD? What type of cartography (LightHouse, Navionics, C-Map, etc.) was the MFD's chart application pane configured to view? What sonar channel was the Fishfinder pane configured to view? What transducer(s) and fishfinder sonar modules have been interfaced to the system?
I fixed the issue by trying different charts in the split screen mode. I did not realize that different cartography could be selected in full screen vs split screen mode. I suspect a setting accidentally got changed in split screen mode so the Axiom was looking for a different source of cartography (and perhaps one for which I don't have the card) as compared to full screen mode. Does the Axiom display chart options even if that particular Axiom unit does not have the supporting chart card?

The exact model of my Axiom is E70366-00-LNC. I adjusted the settings so in both full screen and split screen modes, Navionics was the selected chart. That fixed the issue.
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