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Full Version: [CA11] Menu Text Size
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I have an e95 and have used e125 MFDs. While navigating, the menu on the e95 takes up quite a bit of valuable real estate, compared to the larger unit. The text size is quite large, relative to the size of chart and other displayed information. It seems like about a third of the nautical chart is covered by the menu. Conversely, on the larger display, a much smaller amount is covered, and thus easier to keep the menu active (displayed). Hard to do on the e95.

I suggest either 1) reduce the menu text size proportionally or 2) allow users to select either standard text size or smaller text size.

Thank you.
Welcome to the Raymarine Forum Paul,

Thanks for the feature suggestion. The e-Series MFDs are designed to run LightHouse II software and after more then nineteen software releases for the a/c/e-Series MFDs, no further software updates are planned for the LightHouse II.
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