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Full Version: [CA11] ST4000+ Low Battery warning
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I have an ST4000+ on my 2006 Hunter that is giving me a low battery warning alarm/message whenever I press the AUTO button. Once I press STANDBY, the beeping and message stops. The two batteries are new and all other functions seem to work properly. I tested the voltage across the 12V terminals at the back and it was fine. I did notice that I get no DC reading across the DRIVE terminals. Any ideas ? Can I send it in to Raymarine for repair? Any estimate of the cost?
Thanks, Mike
Welcome to the Raymarine Forum msin99,

The reported symptoms are generally associated with insufficient power (power = voltage x amperage) being supplied to the autopilot. While you have addressed the batteries and have performed a voltage test, it would be recommended that the power and ground cables be inspected from this ST4000+ through the distribution panel, bus bars, to the battery terminals to ensure that the conductors are in good shape, are free of corrosion, and are tightly fastened. If so, and the reported problem persists, then you may want to try one last test in powering the ST4000+ directly from the batteries using temporary cable of suitable gauge created for performing the test. Should the problem persist, then the autopilot would need to be replaced, as Raymarine can no longer service ST4000/ST4000+/ST5000/ST5000+ autopilots. If replacing the autopilot with an Evolution autopilot, then the currently installed drive unit and rudder reference transducer may be retained for use with the Evolution autopilot.
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