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Full Version: Connecting tacktick triducer to old tridata
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Hello everyone!
I have a brand new tacktick triducer and I was wondering if it is possible to connect it successfully to my old ST50 tridata.
I tried to match wires color by color, and while speed works perfectly, depth does't seem to work even if I put the transducer in the water.
I also tried to connect the screen to the depth plug instead of the speed plug on the back of the instrument, but while speed works anyways, depth doesn't.
I have downloaded the electric diagram of the tacktick triducer from airmar website, and it seems slightly different from the st60 triducers diagrams for what regards the screen wire (st60 triducer should be fully compatible with st50).
Any help?
What is the model number and part number of the transducer you are using to try to connect to the ST50? I would need to look up the wiring for the specific transducer.
Hello Steve, thank you for your reply.
Attached there's a picture of the trasducer label.
Witing for news.
Thanks a lot!
Unfortunately that transducer will not work with the older ST50 instrument display. The ST50 is 200 kHz only, and will not work with the newer 235 kHz frequency transducers.
Thanks Steve,
Would it work with st60 or any newer instrument compatible with my system (st50/st60/chartplotter c80) without too many changes?
Thanks Again .
Unfortunately not with an analog transducer, our instrument displays are 200 kHz only. The only instrument displays that will work with 235 kHz are with NMEA 2000/ Seatalk NG Smart transducers with the i70 multifunction instrument displays, through a Seatalk NG backbone.

The part number listed on the sticker you posted has a Customer #, which is the part number of the transducer for the manufacturer the transducer was made for, comes up with Faria Marine instruments.
Thank you very much Steve, I have read the manual of the i70 instrument and it has many interesting functions. i think i'll buy a i70 display then. So all I need is:
Starting from the transducer
- depth pod
- i70 display
- seatalkng/seatalk converter cable
With this i should be able to view depth data and connect the i70 to my existent seatalk system, correct?
Does the pod have a cable to connect it to the instrument or do i need a spur cable with one open end to connect it to the pod?
Can I still use the tridata for the speed or do I have to cut it off from the system and buy a speed pod also?
You mis-understood my last comment. A analog transducer at 235 kHz will not work through the POD. The only 235 kHz transducer is a Smart Transducer that doesn't require a POD. That transducer will not work in our system. Sorry for the confusion.
Sorry for the misunderstanding ?
Thank you anyways for your clarifications!
Will get a new transducer then...
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