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Full Version: [CA11] Pathfinder Radar Problem
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I have a C80 MFD with software version 5.16. My Pathfinder radar is a 92650 series, 18” 2kW, that was reportedly “new” installation about one year ago. The previous owner had the C80 MFD replaced about 6 months ago by charter company and they apparently left the radar cable disconnected from the backside of C80 (inside cabin). Since I bought the boat, the MFD reports “No Scanner” on the Nav page, and “No Data Source” on the Radar page.
I have reviewed all the previous threads concerning “No Data Source” or “No Data” for the Pathfinder series scanner and C80 MFD. Using Chuck’s previous troubleshooting actions has not resolved my problem. Specifically I have:
1. Climbed mast and measured voltage at scanner in limits (24v).
2. Confirmed the connectors at scanner are secure and no loose wires.
3. Confirmed up to date software (ver 5.16)
4. Reset MFD to factory default settings.
5. Lastly, I have checked the circuit continuity of the radar cable. The pin pairs all indicated continuity but the readings were different than what Chuck posted on other thread:
Video (pin 1&2)- 19 vs 46
Azimuth (pin 12&13)- 9 vs 10
Trigger (pin 4&7)- 9 vs 10
Data I/O (pin 6&10)- 2 vs 160 (this being the most notable difference)
Since this is an unsupported /outdated model, is there any fix at this point?
Thank you,
Welcome to the Raymarine Forum Ragan,

It is possible that the radar cable or the radar scanner circuitry has suffered a failure. Please see the Analog Radar Scanner Communications Check procedure listed near the bottom of the Analog video radar cable test FAQ.
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