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Full Version: [TG11] Axiom Pro sounder
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I have an Axiom Pro 9 connected to an Airmar B265ML and a pair of RV 220 transducers.

I'm looking for information on how the different settings work with my transducers.

I have listed on my sonar system lots of different settings but two of them are prefixed with CW. I believe these are the B265 channels.

My question is in regard to the autochirp and the sonar settings. I would like to know which transducers these setting are reading from.

I have a problem with airation from the hull across the transducers and I get the best result from the sonar setting. To enable troubleshooting my installation it would be handy to know exactly which transducers are being referenced by each setting.

Hello gruntre69,

Medium Chirp and Low Chirp and from the B265LM.
The two CW channels are non-Chirp equivalents of the Medium and Low channels: I would avoid using them, I think that their only real purpose is to help you migrate from non-Chirp to a Chirp sounder and get used to how things present.

The RealVision 3D, SideVision, DownVision and Sonar are all from the RV pair.

If you'd like to post some clear, high-res, full-screen images of the sounder problem, we'll see if there's anything we can add re. the diagnosis of aeration. Ideally, can you get some images both however you normally run the system and also in fully-Manual Sensitivity at 50% Gain, 15% Intensity and 0% Surface Filter? These manual settings will allow us to objectively compare your signal levels with reference systems and see what signal levels are changing in the system as you speed up. Sometimes, speed-related problems are noise rather than aeration.

Thanks Tom,

I'll look at getting the screen shots you ask for. The information regarding the sonar channels is extremely helpful and I suggest that the info regarding which transducer or combination of transducer and chirp or non chirp be added to the info boxes in the sounder module so that users can clearly and easily see what each channel does. There is also a function called autochirp, is this RV, 265 or a combination?

Sorry Grant, I missed your last question there.
Auto will switch channels depending on the range scale/depth. I don't have a reference for what depths the changeover points will be between different channels with different combinations of sounder and transducer connected, but I'd expect it to use the RV's Chirp Sonar in shallow water (less than 25m or so), switching to Medium Chirp after that and then Low Chirp from around 200m.

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