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Full Version: [CA11] EV-200 seems to over-correct
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My EV-200 is installed on a 22' bay boat with a Yamaha F150 and Sea Star helm # HH 6541-3 and 1.7 cu. in ram # 5345. (Previously tried an EV-100 but it wasn't strong enough for the ram size.)

Whenever the AP is directed to "track" or pick up a route from my es78 MFD, it seems to swing the boat 10-15 degrees past the intended course line before eventually pulling it back on course. That happens regardless of vessel orientation and course direction. My compass deviation is only 2% as shown by the diagnostics, and I'm careful not to put any metal near the heading sensor. My hard over time is set to 8, which is the actual measured time. I've tried much lower and higher settings, but get the same effect. I've also tried all response levels with no difference.

What could be going on, and what else could I try?
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The HC5345 steering ram has a cubic capacity of 8.34 cu. in., and as such would indeed require that an autopilot featuring a Type 1 Hydraulic Pump be installed. It is recommended that the software level within each of the autopilot's components be determined via the corresponding diagnostics feature of MFDs running LightHouse II software. If not operating with the latest software, then the software within any component which is not current should be updated accordingly. Should the autopilot's software have been updated in the past or as a result of having Pilot Factory Reset prior to executing the Dockside Wizard and cruise to determine the vessel's deviation table. Should this not have occurred following the last update to the autopilot's software, then it is recommended that this action be taken. Should the problem persist thereafter, please indicate whether a rudder referenced transducer was installed. Please additionally specify whether the system features a transducer featuring a paddlewheel and if so, whether it has been calibrated, and finally, what what the values for the Speed and SOG data items are when the reported problem is observed (I'm seeking information about the difference in these values).
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