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Full Version: [CA11] i70 versus i50 for ST60+ Upgrade
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I’m contemplating replacing my aging ST60+ depth and speed instruments, incorporate an ITC-5 for better speed calibration, and maintain a large-number, dedicated display for each data type.

Is there a version of the i50 that is “display-only, without the transducer interfaces versus using i70s as dedicated displays?
Welcome to the Raymarine Forum Dan,

The i50 and i60 Instruments may be purchased with or without a transducer(s). When not interfaced to a transducer, these instruments may repeat instrument data from the system.
Chuck -
Okay, thanks Chuck. I was just wondering if there was a simple, “display-only” p/n of the i50s without the transducer interface electronics.

Raymarine does not offer display only versions of the i50 instrument, as this function is performed by the i70S MFID.
Thanks for the clarification Chuck. Dan
You're welcome.
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