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Full Version: [TG11] Autotack user cal on ST6002 SmartPilot Controller
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Good Morning or Afternoon,

I am having trouble setting up my Autotack angle on my ST6002 SmartPilot Controller. I would like to specify a specific angle, rather than use the
Relative Tack option. Currently, I appear stuck on rEL (Relative Tack) and cannot get the display to change. I have tried both the user cal and dealer cal pages.

My system info: ST6002 Smartpilot. Version 5.0. X30 I20. 01696 hours. Two stickers on the unit: 1) E12098-P 1190171 and 2) 5624-010 41266140

Thanks in advance for you help!

David Tye
Hello David,

Sorry for the delay replying.

This, I'm sorry to say, an SPX pilot limitation: the SPX pilots didn't support a manual/fixed tack angle. There was an error in the handbook that said that they did (I have a feeling that that was corrected in a later issue of the handbook, but haven't checked back.)

Thanks Tom, appreciate the response and information...

No problem.
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