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Full Version: [CA11] New Axiom Pro 12 Connection to HS5
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Today I re-installed a warranty replacement Axiom 12 Pro connecting the unit to an HS5. I also have a FLIR and an Axiom 12 Standard connected to the HS5. The green light on the HS5 does not illuminate for the PRO. The port connected to the Axiom 12 Std as well as the Filr port are both illuminated. When I move the cable from the Axiom 12 to the Axiom Pro the light goes off on the HS2. I have updated all the software on both systems. What do I do as the unit is new so I suspect there is something I need to do in the configuration screens. Any help wou
Welcome to the Raymarine Forum Pgiani,

Unfortunately, based upon the fault isolation which you have attempted thus far, it would appear that there is either a fault within the replacement MFD's Ethernet communication circuity or within the HS5 RayNet Network Switch. Should plugging the Axiom Pro MFD's Ethernet cable into a different port of the HS5 RayNet Network Switch yield the same results while the MFD is switched ON, then it would appear that the replacement MFD has a failure of its Ethernet communications circuitry necessitating that it be returned for replacement. It would be recommended that Raymarine's Warranty Team or Product Repair Center (which coordinated the replacement) be contacted to seek another replacement MFD.
Thank you. I spoke to a phone support rep and he recommended I do a factory rest which had no effect. He also suggested I direct attach the axioms and immediately they recognized each other asking which was the master and which was the slave. The strange part is using the same port and cable that works with the axiom std does not illuminate when attached to the Axiom pro. With all that my bet is the HS5.

How do I request a replacement?
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