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Full Version: [CA11] Quad Mercury Outboards connecting to Ray Autopilot
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Hi Raymarine Pros,

Im trying to rig Ray Autopilot system onto a CC equiped with Quad Mercury Verado 350. Ive read the FAQ thread and and just want to make sure my setup is correct and good to go.

So the boat is a CAT with a pair of verado 350 outboards on each sponson. I have 1 hydraulic cylinder (came with Mercury stock) to drive each pair of motors. The current setup I plan for rigging the whole system is as follows:

1 Type 2 Hydraulic pump from Raymarine to host 2 hydraulic cylinders. 1 ACU400, 1 P70Rs, 1 EV1 Sensor Core and cable kit for the system, and 1 ECI 100 interface.

Please kindly review the setup mentioned...

Much appreciated!

Jerry Z.
Welcome to the Raymarine Forum Jerry,

Are the steering rams plumbed in series or in parallel? What is the cubic capacity of the steering rams?
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