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Full Version: [CA11] R10X, no responce to power
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i purchased a very used R10X from somebody with less than good electronic knowledge. the radar dome (closed array) cable has been spliced, though the previous owner claimed it worked fine. the fuses have been foiled (rather scary), and get this, they apparently didn't have a power cord, so they soldered wires to the pins in the connector (replacement connector on order).
I realize this unit is no longer warranted, but i intend to fix it myself, with my hopefully far better electronic skills.
judging by the schematics in the manual i downloaded from Raymarine, and the foil on the fuses, my best guess is the reverse voltage protection diode has been compromised (CD1, on board CBD-1026, i believe). i haven't opened the unit yet, but it seems the likely cause.

my question is, is it possible to get a replacement CBD-1026 board, or at least the diode (JRC 5TXRA00034)? i haven't found either on eBay, but perhaps there is an equivalent diode i could use in it's place.

I thank you in advance for any help.

Welcome to the Raymarine Forum Travis,

Unfortunately, parts, service, and support are no longer available for this long retired radar product.
understood, and as stated in the PM to you, i solved the power issue myself.

quick question: what would be a good material to repair a cracked radome cover (closed array)? obviously foil tape is not a good choice. i was thinking just some clear tape on the outside for a backing material, and some epoxy to fill and strengthen the crack.


Raymarine has never recommended material to repair damaged radome shells, as the repairs to the shell may adversely affect radar performance. Raymarine had offered replacement shells for such occurrences. However, these are no longer available.
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