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Full Version: Raymarine Autohelm DGPS ST50 receiver stuck
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I have a Bavaria yacht with a Raymaine st50 system running seatalk, with Depth, speed, nav/gps and autohelm

All was working well, until i tried to add a Raymarine C80 plotter. I assumed it just connected the same way as the other instruments. Yellow/red and ground wire.

Anyway, since fiddling and it's not working. So ive removed the C80, and put the wiring back how it was ( i think ). However the instruments, are now showing exactly the same long and lat, where ever i go. They seem to be receiving a signal from the receiver, but only the same LAT 50.41.84 one.

If i disconnect the Autohelm DGPS receiver, the system alarms sounds, for no GPS signal.

So, is it my wiring? or the DGPS receiver stuck? If it's the receiver, how easily can i remedy it, without converters and blah blah.. i like simple:-)

Thank you for any help
Hi Neil,

I've never come across a GPS that transmitted a static position; the only time I've ever come across that symptom, it's been a data loop (usually involving NMEA0183) where two devices are sending the same data back to each other and one of them is outputting that onto Seatalk.

If you connect just the ST50 display and GPS together and still see the same position data then the implication is that it's only coming from the GPS, but I have no experience with that GPS (it was already long-since retired when I started with the company 19 years ago...) and can't give you any hints about it. If it's the GPS, it's a replacement job. My money would still be on a loop though.

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