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Full Version: [DG11] Axiom 9 not not updating boat location
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I have found issue with LH 3.5.40 SW.

When using chart combo the left side map does not update boat location accordingly, but often boat with 0-7kn of speed can go up to 100m or several seconds before boat icon's location on map is updated. When i use the Sonar Chart live, then i can see that the sonar information is updated to correct location constantly.
HI Ttuppura

Thank you for your enquiry.

Have you carried out a full factory reset following the software update?

Sometimes the software upload can trigger strange functionality if there was a slight glitch during the process, this is resolved by undertaking a factory reset.

I can send a document outlining the reset process if required


I seem to be experiencing a very similar issue with boat location on my Axiom 9. It is most noticeable when I have "course up" enabled. I'm using Navionics +. I have the latest code v3.6.32 and I've done several factory resets. I have a quick video to demonstrate if it helps.
Hi Gamecock00

Does the GPS position update normally on the chart screen when in fullscreen mode?

Are you using the internal GPS sensor or do you have an external sensor? Have you checked to make sure that there is only one source of GPS in the system?

The following FAQ click here will give further details on selecting a single source of data. We have seen that multiple sources of data can cause strange performance of data, so make sure that any internal GPS sensors are turned off if an external GPS is being used, if there is no external GPS, then only one internal GPS in one multifunction display can be turned on.


The GPS position isn't displayed but in the video you can see I have the chart set to "Go To" a way point. You can see the heading line changing position so I assume the GPS actually knows the location. I'm using the internal GPS sensor and 1 Axiom.

See demo >>>> https://youtu.be/HHwmQXzti2k
Hi Gamecock00

If you select the GPS symbol in the top left of the AXIOM screen, you can view the SATELLITES and this will give you a circular diagram showing all the GPS satellites being received as well as their relative position to the vessel and the quality of fix, also known as HDOP.

can you check the number of active satellites being received and the HDOP figure?

Possibly the GPS sensor in the display is being affected by something near to the AXIOM, maybe a compass or vhf loudspeaker, cellphone etc . . . ?


I took a very rough video of the problem while it was occurring. You will see I added the GPS coordinates to screen and you can see them changing when the boat icon isn't. I also navigated to a waypoint so you can see the true position of the boat vs. the boat icon. About 1/2 way through video I clicked on the GPS symbol to display satellite info. Hope this helps clarify the issue I'm encountering.


Hi Gamecock00

I will PM you direct to pursue this further off line
Hi. I have also been having this problem when zoomed in close to the boat. You can see the boat not moving and the map frozen but after a few seconds can see a track being painted forward of the boat. If you zoom out to say 500ft range it refreshes to normal. I have found it happens more often on the detailed navionics chart rather than the fishing chart but have had it occur on both. I have been using course or heading up view. I did notice that using it in North up mode the other day I had no problems at all when zoomed into even 50ft range. North up is now my preferred fishing mode for drifting and trolling the same tracks in high detail only because of this fault.
Dear Mr Reverie,

I will PM you direct to attend to this further offline.

Many Thanks
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