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Full Version: [CA11] Waypoint Sorting
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I've have recently imported a .gpx file of 1000+ waypoints. At first the "Sort By" button on the Waypoint list is grayed out. Once I created a group to manage the Waypoints, the "Sort By" button becomes active but the sorting of the Waypoint names in the unsorted group is ODD.

Let me try to explain ... The sorted Waypoint list would contain maybe half of the waypoints sorted and then the second half of the Waypoints sorted.

Anybody else seeing this?
Welcome to the Raymarine Forum J Howarth,

Please indicate the model of MFD involved and version of software which is installed within the MFD. Please additionally attach your GPX file to this thread for further analysis.
I have an Axiom Pro 12 RVX with SW version 3.5.40 - I see that there is a new SW version out there ...

The waypoint file that I imported is attached.

J Howarth,

There are couple of fault within the data of your GPX file, one of which must be changed:
- 4033 NORTONS: comments includes apostrophe character ("'") ... must be removed.
- 6016 GRG SI : comment exceeds maximum supported length ... I have noticed that the comments of some other waypoints also violate this constraint

It is recommended that your waypoint data be changed to conform to the constraints specified within the FAQ found here. Should the problem persist after having modified your data to meet these constraints, then please attach your updated GPX file for further analysis.
I've edited my waypoint list to conform to the RM requirements, deleted all waypoints and routes on the Axiom Pro and imported the attached .gpx file -1015 waypoints.

There were no import errors and no precievable change to the waypoint sorting issue previously described.

Waypoints in the "unsorted" group can not be sorted - the sort by button is greyed out

Once a group is created and a few waypoints are moved into the new group, the sort by buttom seems to function (somewhat) when viewing waypoints in any group.

Waypoints sorted by name do not sort correctly - they seem to be first grouped by some other unidentified field.

Also, the create date is stripped when a waypoint is moved from the "unsorted" group to a new group - not a big issue to me, just an observation.

J Howarth,

Please note that I have duplicated the reported issues while using LightHouse 3 v3.6.32 and your latest waypoint file. A problem report will be logged to seek correction of this problem within a future LightHouse 3 software update.
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