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Full Version: [CA11] SPX5, P70, Wheelpilot
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I would like to change my above Wheeldrive setup to a tiller drive by adding a quadrant to my above decks emergency steering takeoff point. If I purchase a tiller drive from the current EV-100 model is it a simple matter of re-calibrating my P70 to the different drive type. My objective is to avoid the cost of a complete new EV-100 system.

While what you are suggesting may indeed work, the measurements/geometry required for the installation of the tiller drive unit would need to be adhered to. As you have suggested, you would then need to reconfigure the autopilot's Drive Type setting to indicate that a Tiller Drive is now being used with the autopilot.
Thanks Chuck I will give it a go and have made the quadrant arm at 460mm.
You're welcome.
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