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Full Version: [TG11] Radar Safe Distamnce Calculations
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We have a RAYMARINE DRS4D Nav radar fitted to our small boats and note the user manual quoted safe distance of 1m (10W/m2). The 10 W/m2 annotation indicates that this is an Average Limited radar. However when we do our calculations we find that this radar is peak limited.

(ie worst case Duty Cycle of 7.4x10-4 and a Ks (Rotational Reduction Factor) of 1.36x10-2 = 1.007x10-5. For a peak limited radar this will be less that the ICNIRP S(av)/S(pk) ie 10/10000 = 0.001) NB: If it was 'greater than', then it would be an Average Limited emitter.
(Dc*Ks< Sav/Spk = Peak limited and 10000 W/m2 instantaneous exposure applies)
(Dc*Ks> Sav/Spk = Average Limited an 10W/m2 averaged over 6 minutes applies)

Are you able to advise why our calculations are showing a peak limit, when the user manual states an Average limited system?

Thanks for your help

Hello Tony,

Sorry for the delay replying.
Here in product support we don't attempt to go to that level of detail. If you can tell me the reason for the question, we'll see what we can do to help.

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