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Full Version: [CA11] Heading Sensor Requirement for Drone App
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There appears to be the requirement for a heading sensor to use the Drone App in addition to the Lighthouse upgrade. The EV1 Core seems to be overkill just to detect boats position at rest. Is there a less expensive alternative?
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It is recommended that the system feature a heading source ... primarily to support the chart based features where the vessel icon (along with its vectors) and drone icon (along with its vectors) will be displayed. As indicated within the FAQ found here, a vessel which is stationary has no COG. As such and should the system not feature a source of heading data, the system will revert to displaying the vessel's position as a black dot instead of a properly oriented vessel icon. Choice of heading sources is left to the individual. Per the previously referenced FAQ, we typically recommend use of an EV-1 CCU for those seeking to add a heading source to the marine electronics system ,as its street price close to many other magnetic north seeking heading sources. Additionally, the EV-1 CCU has the advantage of being a component of an Evolution autopilot, thereby permitting the vessel to one day be fitted with the remaining Evolution autopilot components.
Thanks for the response Chuck. Will not having a source for heading data effect the functionalities of the drone. For instance, if the boat position is changes, will the drone be able to determine the boat’s new position?

Q. if the boat position is changes, will the drone be able to determine the boat’s new position?
A. The MFD continuously transmits the vessel's position to the UAV while in flight. Please click here to view the LightHouse 3.6 Axiom UAV feature / operation overview FAQ.
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