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Full Version: [CA11] Network Updates with Axionb MFD
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I noticed that the most recent Lighthouse 3 software update package had files with names that indicated that the package included updates for instruments, pilots and others. When this package is installed, do instrument and pilot elements on the network get updated as part of the Lighthouse 3 update for the Axiom?


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As you have suggested, the LightHouse II and LightHouse 3 software compressed folders which are downloaded from the respective software update web pages of Raymarine's website include .iso files for Raymarine peripheral devices which are interfaced to the system and may in turn be updated by the MFD. When the software update file is read by the system's Data Master MFD, the MFD will then in turn prompt the user that software updates may be available not only for the MFD, but also for the system's peripherals. This software update dialog will present the operator with checkboxes, whereby the operator may direct that software updates additionally be performed to the system's selected peripherals. Only the peripherals which have been selected (checked) will be updated.
Thanks. I wasn't watching for the prompts. I'll try again.


You're welcome.
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