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Full Version: [CA11] Axiom 9 - spontaneous reboot
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A new Axiom 9 MFD 3.5.40 (with Navionics) has been installed on our 6.5meter Rib. The axiom is connected to another Garmin MFD via a NMEA2K network. The Garmin is connected to the transducer and broadcasts depths on the network.

This past weekend we went out for a test run to make sure everything worked properly. This was the second testing sessions, as the first one required a bunch of changes to be done; not to mention more reading.

Everything appeared to work as expected until the system decided to reboot in a very dangerous part of a river. After it rebooted, it returned to where it had been before it crashed. While it was offline, I was blind to the route it wanted me to follow. A very scary bit of time as there are rocky areas, and heavy weeds.

The test I was performing was evaluating the autorouting feature. The route was not really that complicated, covering a distance of 25km on a major river with well defined channels.

1) Are reboots typically a software or a hardware issue on the axiom? Are there logs on the unit that can be used to troubleshoot this issue?

Here is some good stuff from the testing.
1) Screen is great in the bright sun.
2) Networking with the Garmin for depth was super easy.
3) text on screen was big and easy to read.

More testing this week before heading out to the thousand islands. But it would be really useful to know if the reboot issue requires a warranty repair/replacement.

FYI: I did upgrade the software last night. Not sure what impact it will have on the reboot.
Welcome to the Raymarine Forum ZodiacDriver,

LightHouse 3 software had been experiencing a number of software defects associated with use of Navionics cartography up to and through LightHouse 3 v3.5.40 which may cause such system reboots / application restarts. When system reboots / application restarts such as that you have described occur, a log file (HOME->SETTINGS->NETWORK->DIAGNOSTICS) is commonly generated. As you have now installed LightHouse 3 v3.6.32 and the reported issue occurred with LightHouse 3 v3.5.40, it is recommended that the system's Error Logs be deleted (HOME->SETTINGS->NETWORK->DIAGNOSTICS->ERASE LOGS) to begin anew. Should the problem re-occur, then it would be recommended that the log(s) be saved to a microSD memory card (HOME->SETTINGS->NETWORK->DIAGNOSTICS->SAVE LOGS) along with the system logs (HOME->SETTINGS->NETWORK->DIAGNOSTICS->SAVE SYSTEM LOGS) and that these files be attached to a thread / post within this Forum.
Thank you,

I will be out on Thursday for another integration test of the boat and systems. Hopefully everything works as expected. If there is an issue, I will prepare and upload the log files.

You're welcome.
Tested the autoroute feature over the same track. The problem appears to be fixed.

Thanks again,
Thanks for the update.
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