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Full Version: [CA11] Sometimes my ST60 shows "Gr nº SETUP"
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Hi there.

Sometimes my ST60 shows the following faulty message: "Gr nº SETUP" (see attachment), and the only way to operate on it is powering it off. Does anyone know why this message is shown? I would appreciate any comments about this issue. Thanks!
Welcome to the Raymarine Forum fabianvm,

The message which is being displayed is not an error message, but a display which would appear if the ST60 Tridata instrument's menus had been traversed to set up an illumination group. Should the ST60 Tridata have displayed the screen image shown without user input or commanding it into the illumination group set-up, then the symptom would be indicative of failing circuitry within the ST60 Tridata instrument. As Raymarine's Product Repair Centers can no longer service ST60/ST60+ instruments, should your ST60 Tridata's circuitry be failing, then it would be necessary to replace the instrument. If seeking a replacement, an i50 Tridata instrument would be recommended, as it may be installed to support operation within a SeaTalk communications bus.
Many thanks, Chuck!

I confirm that the message in not shown without any user input (it is shown from time to time, randomly) so it is likely that that the circuitry couldnt be workinf fine. Many thanks again for your comments, Chuck....its very kind of you!!!!

Kind regards,
You're welcome.
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