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Full Version: [CA11] E120 Master/Slave issues
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Currently have two 9 year old E120 displays that are networked together. I have one set to master. Don't know a way to set the other to slave, but it is not set to master. Frequently, I get a message on the non-master unit that data is missing and the unit needs to be set as master. If I turn the unit off and then on again, the alarm goes away and I usually don't see it for the rest of the day. This issue has only surfaced in the last year, as previously, I did not get these alarms. I've tried resetting both units and starting all over again, but in a day or two, I get the alarm again. I've also tried starting the master first and allowing it to completely settle before starting the second unit, but that doesn't seem to make a difference.

Is there a way to set the second unit to Slave? Is it possible to just set both units to Master?
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The reported issue is indicative of a failure within the Ethernet (SeaTalkhs) communications networking components or Ethernet network circuity of one of the MFDs. Please click here to view a FAQ addressing this subject.

Within an Ethernet (SeaTalkhs) network, only one of the system's MFD's may be configured as the system's Data Master MFD. That MFD will be the one which has been interfaced to the SeaTalk bus, as only the MFD which has been configure as the Data Master MFD can communicate with the SeaTalk bus which has been interfaced to its SeaTalk/Alarm port. While it may be possible disconnect the Ethernet network link joining these two MFDs to one another and interface the second MFD to the SeaTalk bus, the MFDs would then no longer be able to share cartography, radar, fishfinder, Sirius Satellite Weather/Radio, or AIS resources.
You're welcome.
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