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Full Version: [CA11] Antenna was difficult to remove is it ok?
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I have a HD 4kw array radar that needs repair. I needed to get the array off to ship or replace the pedestal. After I took the nuts holding the array to the pedestal off eisily but I sprayed studs with PB blaster and tap several minutes on all the studs with a punch (threads protected by their nuts) to remove the array due to some corrosion binding around the studs in their pedestal holes.

Everything cleaned up ok and array looks fine but I’m wondering if the stud tapping was likely to have broken/damaged anything inside? The array isn’t broken to look at or shake but I don’t know how delicate what is inside is.

Is it more likely the array is still fine or damaged having been removed as described.

Also does anyone have an idea what it will cost to repair a pedestal with a burnt PCB? Trying to decide if I should buy a refurbished or try and repair mine.

Welcome to the Raymarine Forum JRM,

While inconclusive, I don't suspect that the tapping which you have described caused any damage to the open array. Please click here to view a FAQ addressing whether the radar core or the entire open array radar pedestal should be sent to Raymarine’s Product Repair Center to be bench checked / serviced.

Please click here to view a FAQ addressing how may one determine how much a product will cost to repair?
Thanks for the response, looks like best guess is about $900 plus shipping to repair the PCB. I would only need to ship the pedestal internals not the gear box. My understanding is if repaired it will have a 6 month warranty. I beleave a remanufactured has a 2 year warrenty and sells for $1999. I’m now thinking it makes sense to just buy a remanufactured unit since I’m 1/2 way to that cost with a much better warranty. I’m posting this info in case someone else is having similar problems.

Thanks again for this forum.
The radar is working fine now. It seems the array was undamaged by my removal process.

You're welcome.
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