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Full Version: Wind speed no longer working
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We have a masthead vane/cups connected to a STng system via an ITC-5 transducer converter. Wind speed and direction are displayed on an i70 display. Recently the wind speed portion has died and is only showing 0.0 knots. Wind direction is still good.

I followed the troubleshooting instructions and found 3.246V between the yellow and shield wires at the connection to the iTC-5. This is within the "normal' values (0-5V for this circuit). Yet the display still shows 0.0.

Any thoughts on how to troubleshoot this further?

Cheers- Matt
Hello Matt,

The masthead unit should be outputting 0 - 5V pulses, twice per rotation of the cups. A multimeter will only show the individual pulses if the wind speed is very low, but even if not, if you're seeing a completely static voltage, that's your problem. In normal operation, even a multimeter will show a fluctuating voltage as with wind speed varies.

I think it's most likely that you've got something like moisture in your masthead connector (locking ring insufficiently tight, O-ring seal not properly compressed perhaps) which is bleeding voltage across from red to yellow. It could also be a masthead unit problem. I'd send someone up the mast to have a look into the connector, or remove the masthead sensor and get it checked by a Raymarine service centre.

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