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Full Version: [CA11] Lighthouse 3.6 upgrade connecting UAV
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I am having trouble connecting my Mavic pro to the MFD. It says something about connecting a USB cable but there is no where on MFD for USB cable ? How does disconnect? By Wi-Fi?
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All Axiom and Axiom Pro MFDs feature a micro USB socket located on the power/communications panel located on the back side of these MFDs. Additional information concerning the Axiom UAV feature, set-up, and use may be found within the LightHouse 3.6 with Axiom UAV PDF file attachment within the FAQ addressing the Axiom UAV feature and more specifically within Chapter 15.6 Getting started of the LightHouse 3.6 Advanced Operation Instructions. Particular attention should be paid to registering the MFD's UAV app (requires that the MFD be connected via Wi-Fi to a Wi-Fi hotspot having access to the Internet) prior to using the feature. Simply running and then closing the UAV app after a few seconds while the MFD is connected to the Internet will automatically register the MFD's UAV app.
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