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Full Version: [DG11] ES 128 to Lighthouse 3.6
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Hi my name is Ove
Coming from Norway and have used Raymarine's products in all my boats. Now i have Axopar 28 and is equipped with:

ES 128 upgraded to Lighthouse 3.6 which is connected to Evinrude 300 G2 with ECI-100
Evolution Autopilots

I'm going to put fuel sensor in a tank to the heather from KUS who sends out the NMEA 2000 signal, can I notice this with diesel, are there any other settings that have to be made?

After updating, I have lost information on chart sidebar. Before, I could set up Tank Volume so that I had an overview of what is left in the tank, will this opportunity come on later updates?

Have seen that we can choose the number of batteries under the boat layout. What equipment do I need for so I can have an overview at MFD? All that comes up is volt on the syatemet.

Will there be opportunities to update the ES 128 online for later updates?

Unable to calibrate temp on CPT-110 (Plastic) - DownVision Transducer
Through Hull. This was and a problem with Lighthouse 2 also.

Has anyone had trouble using light sync after installing Lihgthouse 3.6?

Looking forward to your replay.

Ove Vestersjø
Dear Ove,

Thankyou for your enquiry,

I think it would be easier to take these issues more direct with you offline, I will PM you directly


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